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TBB004 - SS Sessions - Energy, Regulations & Bitcoin Scaling

On this week’s episode of the Bitcoin Beat, we talk about energy and proof of work mining. We discuss the pending ban of proof of work in New York, as well as overall Bitcoin regulation. We discuss Bitcoin ETFs as well as 401K and IRA plans. We dive into the lightning network and some challenges with Bitcoin scaling and briefly discuss Monero. We then discuss the long term security model of Bitcoin and end the episode with our weekly Ethereum beef.

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1:08 Bitcoin, Energy, and Regulation 14:04 Spot BTC ETF/Fidelity 401k 23:46 BTC Price Modeling/and hyperbitcoinization 28:45 - Scalability of BTC and Lightning 39:53 Discussing Bitcoin vs. Monero 50:00 - recent NYDIG article 54:27 long term bitcoin security/fees/daps weekly Ethereum beef


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