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The Bitcoin Beat 002 - SS Sessions - Shitcoins, Doom & Gloom

This weeks episode is a SureSats Session where we hash out recent events over the past weeks.

We start off talking about a recent twitter thread for some new nonsense token KRNC 0:40-5:20:

Luna pays out selected users during the UST depegging/Luna collapse 5:23-8:20.

Vitalik asks nicely for staking pools to increase their fees 20:30-25:00.

We touch on Bitcoin privacy and the lightning network 25:30-43:00.

Buying Non KYC Bitcoin - Bisq/HodlHodl - our article on buying non kyc btc 43:00 - 47:00.

And we wrap with discussing the macro economic environment we find ourselves in 53:30 - 66:00

You can find us at @suresats on twitter



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