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TBB013 - Jam Sessions - Ordinals

On this episode of The Bitcoin Beat, we talk ordinals. We start off summarizing what ordinals are, and why we think it could be significant. Next we try and bring some nuance to the early takes surrounding ordinals and why we think much of the fear may be unfounded. Then we discuss how ordinals may play a role in the overall NFT market.

We touch on why ordinals is a prime example of why it's so important to move slow in bitcoin development. Despite our belief that ordinals doesn't pose a threat to the Bitcoin network, any thing unanticipated making its way into an update can pose a threat or misincentives. Finally, we wrap the show discussing, getting ord set up on your Bitcoin node. Check out our most recent article which details how to run ord on your raspberry pi. We hope you enjoy the show. Check us out on twitter @suresats and at



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