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TBB009 - Jam Sessions - Blackrock, Energy, & Ethereum Beef

On this week's episode of the Bitcoin Beat, we have another jam session where Big Brune and Dap hash out some topics that caught our eyes since our last recording. We start this episode discussing BlackRock's announcement with Coinbase as well as other Bitcoin and crypto news. We then take a deeper dive into energy news.

From there we go into the weekly Ethereum beef with the continued discussion focused on stablecoin centralization risk, proof of stake and blockchain governance. We finished this episode discussing Bitcoin Maximalisms' role in decentralization, and how UX will play a role in the development of Bitcoin as a payments network.

00:16 - 3:22 - Coinbase/Blackrock news

3:22 - 7:35 - Institutional investment

7:35 - 10:45 - Saylor stepping down as CEO of MSTR

12:00 - 31:42 - Energy, inflation, and macro

32:15 - 54:40 - Ethereum beef of the week: Solana/Nomad hack; The centralization risk of stablecoins

54:40 - 58:22 - Bitcoin Maximalisms' role in decentralization

58:23 - 63:04 - Bitcoin UX, payments, and competition


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