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TBB007 - Jam Sessions - Bear Market Maximalism

For episode 7 Big Brune and Dap chop it up again, starting with all the civil unrest that is arising around the globe. We transition to one of Big Brune's favorite topics of energy, and how we see energy markets unfolding. We touch on the CPI print scheduled for 7/12, and with recording the episode prior to the release, we make our predictions. Finally we dive into the much maligned topic of Bitcoin Maximalism, toxicity, and how we define Bitcoin Maximalism.

0:00 - 5:00 - Civil unrest around the world

5:01 - 15:25 - @doomberg thread on LNG arbitrage; energy and energy markets

15:26 - 24:59 - discussing the upcoming CPI print (this show was recorded before the record print of 9.1%) and potential fallout

25:00 - 80:21 - Our take on Bitcoin Maximalism


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