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Impervious AI Showcases Lightning-Based Browser at Bitcoin 2022

The Impervious Browser, the first Lightning-based web browser was publicly released at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference.

In August 2021, Impervious AI released a bundle of APIs that allowed for programmability on-top of Bitcoin's Lightning Network. These APIs enable any application or service to stream cryptographically secure, censorship-resistant data transmission channels.

The promise of this release is to bring functionality without third party intermediaries. Their overview includes the following list: Zoom without Zoom, WhatsApp without WhatsApp, Medium without Medium.

While we are excited about a potential peer-to-peer decentralized "Layer 3" without a new token, a project of this scale requires much deeper inspection before making any hot-takes. At a glance, all these recent Lightning announcements sound like shitcoin killers. However, it would be naïve not to at least acknowledge current problems with lightning liquidity, UX/UI , the gossip network and privacy for opening/closing channels. With that being said, all this recent lightning development should have bitcoiners intrigued.

You can watch the announcement from Chase Perkins, Founder & CEO of Impervious A.I here:


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