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Human Rights Foundation Launches

Yesterday, Alex Gladstein, the Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation, announced the launch of a new website, The website is straightforward and simple, focused on providing everyone with a step by step guide to acquire their first bitcoin, while also providing educational resources to further learn about Bitcoin.

This is a goal that should be (and usually is) undertaken by every Bitcoiner: onboarding as many friends, family, and strangers onto the Bitcoin network. As we enter a global monetary paradigm shift, Bitcoin can provide hope, giving millions of people the ability to be their own bank, store their hard earned money, and transact this value without the permission of any central authority.

This is a key goal of SureSats as well: to provide educational content and opinions on Bitcoin, how it fits into the world at large, and how to best prepare and protect yourself during this transition [onto a Bitcoin Standard].

We hope to continue this pursuit, and welcome you, the reader to join.


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