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Honduras Will Not Be The Next Nation to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

Despite rumors swirling this past week that Honduras would soon announce their intentions to make Bitcoin legal tender in the country, the Central Bank of Honduras has denied these rumors in a Spanish language press release, stating "Bitcoin is a financial asset that exists virtually...which for the time being is not regulated in our country." This statement doesn't seem to close the door to the possibility of legal tender in the future, but for now it appears their focus is a Central Bank Digital Currency, as the statement continued with "We reiterate that the BCH...continues with the conceptual, technical and legal study and analysis to determine the feasibility of issuing a central bank digital currency." This rumor became popular this past Friday when Max Keiser tweeted a picture of the Honduran flag stating "it's happening." Well, it doesn't appear to be happening. There have been many rumors in recent months about other Latin American countries from Paraguay to Mexico toying with the idea of Bitcoin legal tender laws, but none have officially taken the plunge. We will wait and see. Tick tock, next block.



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