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Florida Governor Ron Desantis Says Florida Will Accept Bitcoin For Tax Payments

During a bill signing which would require high school students to take a financial literacy course, Florida Governor Ron Desantis stated that the State of Florida should be able to accept payments in cryptocurrency..."We will accept bitcoin, we're working on doing that, for payments in the state of Florida." The Governor continued further by shifting the discussion to the digitization of the US dollar..."there's a difference between a decentralized cryptocurrency like a bitcoin and what some are talking about at the Federal level...with converting the US dollar into a digital currency" referring to this as a "hazard" as a "central authority" would have too much control over individuals, stating that, "we'd be in uncharted territory"

Last year, Miami Mayor Frances Suarez discussed accepting bitcoin for tax payments, paying city employees in bitcoin, and adding bitcoin to the City's balance sheet, but because the State of Florida did not have laws in place to allow this, Miami was unable to enact these changes. This statement by the Governor may potentially change this, and we could soon see Miami as the first city in the US to put bitcoin on its balance sheet and pay its employees in bitcoin. The game theory is at play here, and once the first domino falls, many cities may rush to enact policy changes to allow bitcoin holdings to stay competitive.



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