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Shake Shack Partners with Cash App

Shake Shack has partnered with Cash App to give its patron's 15% back on their purchases in Bitcoin if using the Cash App cash card.

Shake Shack Chief Marketing Officer Jay Livingston told the WSJ, that this is an easy way to tell if crypto vibes with their consumer base saying “You’re always trying to place your bets on those things that truly will be meaningful and not waste resources on the ones that won’t."

With this in mind, if it's a success, maybe Jack Dorsey and Cash App with their recent lightning integration could make Shake Shack one of their first businesses to utilize the lightning network to accept payments??? - something to think about.

Swiss city, Lugano, has made Bitcoin and Tether "de-facto" legal tender.

What does this mean? - It looks like on top of accepting Bitcoin and Tether for tax payments, they are also trying to integrate Bitcoin and Tether as a medium of exchange for the businesses of Lugano (Maybe Cash App could be of some assistance?). This is a partnership with the issuer of Tether. We will see how this plays out, as Lugano is home to ~60,000 Swiss residents.

Foundation, a new hardware wallet company, announced the presale of their new "Passport Batch 2" hardware wallet.

Honestly, this wallet looks sleek, and easy to use. Per the company - "Passport is designed for every Bitcoiner. Use Passport as your first hardware wallet or add Passport to your multisig setup. Passport strives to be beautiful, intuitive, transparent – and hardcore about security." It uses QR codes to bypass connecting with your phone or computer allowing for airgaped BTC transactions.

They are open to 2500 preorder sales with devices expected to be shipped in April 2022.



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